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Party Time! Smokin T's BBQ is a full service caterer that offers both delivery & onsite cooking packages 

Minimum Order Required From May 1 2024- September 2, 2024


Texas Style Brisket


Texas is known for its beef, and our brisket will make you feel like you're at a Texas smokehouse. We use only Certified Angus Brisket, because it has the right amount of marbling so that every bite is juicy, tender, & mouthwatering. We cook our briskets the old fashion way realizing there are no short cuts. Our Briskets are slow smoked over Red Oak typically 16 hours, until they're moist, juicy & perfectly tender.



10-13 lbs Brisket..........$350

(A La Carte feeds aprox 10-20 people)

15-18 lbs Brisket..........$425

(A La Carte feeds aprox 15-30 people)

** Weights are untrimmed & uncooked**

St. Louis Style
Baby Back Pork Ribs


Another consistent winner on the BBQ Circuit. I offer both traditional Kansas City Style Pork Ribs, rubbed with a sweet & savory Dry Rub, and smoked “low & slow” over Oak & Apple wood until they're, the perfect tenderness. I then finish them in the smoker “Wet” with my award-winning BBQ sauce until it caramelizes for the perfect flavor. My ribs are ready when they're “Fall off the bone tender”.  
Also available “Dry” without sauce, or sauce on the side

1/2 Tray (3) Racks........ $165 (A La Carte feeds aprox. 6-8 people)

Full Tray (6) Racks........$295 (A La Carte feeds aprox 12-16 people)

Smoked Sausages

Sausage lensa_edited.jpg

Kielbasa Style smoked sausages 



(2) Sausages................$35

Championship Chicken Thighs

Screenshot 2021-05-14 at

These thighs were my 1st Creation, when learning the art of “Low & Slow Q”. The current recipe has evolved from the original thigh recipe that I won the “NY Daily News BBQ in the Boros NYC Championship in 2012”. In fact, the current thighs won 1st place in the 2014  &  2015 "NYC BBQ Cook Off", as well 2nd Place in the the City of Rahway’s "Munch Madness BBQ Competition".
A crowd favorite, full of flavor & seasoned with my secret sweet & savory “Poultry Dry Rub”, they cook low & slow over Oak & Apple wood, until they're “melt in your
mouth” tender and juicy. I then caramelize them in my award-winning BBQ sauce.

6 pieces........$36

***Additional pieces are $6 each

Texas Style Beef Ribs

Beef Rib_edited_edited.jpg

Traditional Texas Style BBQ, my beef ribs are Certified Angus from the chuck so that every bite is a s juicy and flavorful as possible. Inspired by True Texas BBQ they typically cook “ Low & Slow” for 12 hours and come in slabs of 4 Bones.


(1) Rack of 4 Bones.........$150

Smoked Whole Hog (Pig Roast)

Pig Roast

Make your Party, the "Ultimate BBQ Party," with a whole smoked hog ( aka pig roast). Pig Roasts are perfect for large parties and  gatherings. What makes our different? We cook ours the "Old Fashion Southern Way." Taking our techniques from accomplished, expert southern pit masters, low and slow for many, many hours. 


We start by injecting the hog with our secret “Award Winning Injection." Once injected, its generously rubbed with our Sweet & Savory Dry Rub. It's then Cooked “Low & Slow,” depending on size, around 24 hours over Oak & Apple Wood. Our hogs are continuously mopped during cooking for added moisture & flavor until it literally can be pulled apart by hand. Transformed into smoky, juicy delicious, pork. Finished in our complimenting "Hog Glaze" for added & optimal flavors.


Truly a labor of love, but trust us, your guests will be impressed with both the display & taste.

Call for Pricing on a Roasted Pig

Parties of 60 or more, consider the "Pig Roast Party Package" (Click Link Below)

The Peoples Choice Pulled Pork

Pulled Prok Lensa_edited_edited.jpg

This pulled pork won 1st place in the NYC BBQ Cook offs People's Choice Competition 5 YEARS IN A ROW! It was inspired by traditional Kansas City BBQ. It starts with my secret “Award Winning Injection." Once injected, it marinates overnight before adding our Sweet & Savory Dry Rub. It's Cooked “Low & Slow” over Oak & Apple Wood, and glazed with our Award Winning BBQ Sauce until it literally can be pulled apart into juicy morsels of delicious smoky pork. Find out for yourself why I won the People's Choice Award from 2013-2017.


1/2 Tray is (1) whole pork butt......................$125

(A La Carte feeds aprox 7-10 people)

Full Tray is (2) whole pork butts.....................$215

(A La Carte feeds aprox 15-20 people) 

Brown Sugar & Honey Brined Spatchcocked Whole Chickens

Honey Chicken_edited_edited.jpg

Tired of boring dry chicken? These delicious birds were once only available around the holiday season, however due to popular demand we're adding this "customer favorite" to our main menu for 2022. The birds spend hours in our Brown Sugar & Honey Brine, then get seasoned with our secret sweet & savory "Poultry Dry Rub" and slow smoked to perfection "low & slow". These birds are moist & juicy. They have the perfect balance of sweetness & smoke. Nothin' Dry about Smokin' T's Birds.


(2) Whole Chickens.........$85

(A La Carte feeds 4-6 people)

Smoked Chicken

Smoked Wings_edited_edited.jpg

Smoked Chicken Wings

Whether your having a backyard party,  tailgate, or just watching the big game, these are an absolute must. These crowd favorites are rubbed with our secret  wing rub, and slow smoked so they remain juicy and moist. Instead of frying them we crisp the skin up over red hot coals to give them the perfect texture while maintaining there smoky juiciness.


These are offered plain as is, or tossed in your choice of sauce : Smokin T's BBQ Sauce, Honey BBQ, Asian Zing, Garlic Parmesan, or traditional Buffalo Sauce (Mild/Medium/or Hot)



(20) Wings................$35

(50) Wings................$80

(100) Wings............$135


Assunta's 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese Lensa_edited.jpg

3 Cheese Mac & Cheese: Made with Fontina, Parmesan, & Mozzarella, This old family recipe pairs perfect with traditional southern BBQ.

1/2 Tray     $75
Full Tray     $115
1/2 Tray................. $75 

Full Tray.................$115 

Lina's Homemade Cole Slaw

Coleslaw lensa_edited.jpg

Cool, creamy homemade Cole Slaw is the perfect compliment to our smoked meats.



1/2 Tray.................$55

Full Tray................$85

Little T's Smoked Baked Beans


Cooked Low & Slow inside our smoke pits alongside our delicious smoked meats

1/2 Tray.................. $60

Full Tray..................$90 

Grandpa T's Homemade Honey Corn Bread

Corn Bread non lensa_edited.jpg

This southern old fashion Corn Bread, is baked with real honey, for a moist balanced corn bread.

1/2 Tray................. $55 

Full Tray.................$85

Uncle Andy's Smoked Potato Salad with Bacon, Diced Jalapeno's & Red Onion 

View rece_edited.jpg

Taking a BBQ Staple to the next level, is what we do. There's nothing ordinary about this potato salad, we 1st smoke our potatoes for some flavor depth, load the salad with savory bacon, diced jalapeno's and red onion. Lastly mix everything together with a classic dressing. 
1/2 Tray................. $85 

Full Tray.................$145

Fresh Garden Salad

Garden Salad_edited_edited.jpg

Cool, crisp and sourced from fresh local produce, makes the perfect healthy choice to
accompany our smoked meats. (Comes with your choice of dressing) 

1/2 Tray................. $55 

Full Tray.................$85 

Something you don't see? Just ask. 


Miss Stella's Homemade Southern Banana Pudding


This heavily guarded family recipe, was given in honor of the late Miss Stella, and is an absolute must have with any great BBQ feast. It's loaded with fresh bananas, homemade whipped cream, vanilla  wafers & cool, creamy, vanilla pudding. Don't forget DESSERT!

1/2 Tray................. $55

Full Tray.................$85

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